Learn About Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Its Symptoms And Types!


Learn About Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Its Symptoms And Types!

What Is PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)?

It is a problem with hormones that usually occurs at the time of reproductive years. In case you are suffering from PCOS, then you might not have periods very often, or you might have periods that might not last long. Besides that, you will also have a hormone called androgen in your body in excessive amounts.

According to the Best Gynaecologist in Punjab in PCOS, many small sacs of fluid grow along the outer edge of the ovary. They are also known as cysts. Those small fluid-filled cysts contain immature eggs. And the experts call those eggs follicles. In PCOS, those follicles fail to release the egg regularly.

The doctors do not know the real cause of PCOS. However, with the PCOS Treatment in Ludhiana, you will be able to control the symptoms easily. Diagnose your issue and get along with the procedure to reduce the symptoms such as weight gain, facial hair and many more.

With PCOS, you might also have fewer chances to get pregnant as it is a leading cause of Infertility in women. In such a situation, you can take the help of ICSI Treatment in Punjab.

What Are The Symptoms Of PCOS?

Most of the time, the symptoms or signs of PCOS start from the time of the menstrual cycle. In other situations, you might notice symptoms after you have had periods for a while.

You should also know that the symptoms of PCOS vary from one case to another. You can diagnose PCOS if you have at least two symptoms.

  • If you have irregular periods

One of the common signs of PCOS is having few menstrual periods or periods that are not regular. Another sign that might indicate PCOS is periods of too many days or longer than the typical numbers. For instance, you might have fewer than nine periods annually. And you might get this period 35 days apart. In such circumstances, you might find it challenging to get pregnant.

  • You might have too much androgen.

If you have a high level of androgen hormone, then it might result in excessive facial and body hair. It is also known as hirsutism. Sometimes, severe acne and male pattern baldness can happen too.

  • Polycystic ovaries

In PCOS, your ovaries might get bigger. Many follicles that contain immature eggs might grow further around the edge of the ovary. The ovary might not work the way it should.

 Insulin Resistant PCOS

It is by far one of the most common PCOS among all. Insulin-resistant PCOS is a type1 of PCOS that contains all kinds of excessive hair growth hirsutism, weight gain, acne, and hair loss. The women are also at a higher risk of developing type II diabetes one day.

The main element in treating this type of PCOS is treating insulin resistance. It is the main culprit that leads to other symptoms of PCOS. In case extra weight gain is a part of the symptoms picture, then even a 10 % loss of body weight might restore ovulation in some women. In many conditions, doctors might give you medications such as metformin to decrease blood sugar and also help restore insulin sensitivity.

 Final Comments

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laser assisted hatching

Laser-assisted hatching: Overcome the odds that prevent pregnancy

Laser Assisted Hatching: Improve chances of pregnancy

Have you undergone IVF Treatment? The procedure undoubtedly plays an essential role in increasing the success rate of pregnancy chances. But does that happen with every case? NO! And that’s the reason Laser Assisted Hatching in Ludhiana is one of the most asked-for approaches for those planning for IVF. Laser-assisted aims to prevent any such condition that impacts the pregnancy chances or might lead to IVF failure.

The doctor suggests getting laser-assisted hatching for couples who have undergone IVF cycles but have failed many times, and the exact reason is unknown. You need to visit one of the top-rated IVF Centre in Punjab to prepare yourself for the entire plan. The fertility doctor will suggest everything considering the fact, ‘How chances of a successful pregnancy will increase and know the right ways to prevent any complications during implantation.

What happens during laser-assisted hatching?

Laser-assisted hatching is an essential part of IVF treatment. Egg and sperm when kept together, leads to fertilization. Afterthat, it leads to embryo development. Once the healthy embryo is formed, the chances of attaining successful and healthy pregnancy are higher.

During embryo development, the protective shell forms a layer called zona pellucida. Sometimes, instead of breaking the protective shell naturally, the outer shell can get hard, which makes it difficult to implant & hatch. And that’s one of the most triggering factors for male infertility.

So, to balance everything with minimal risk and complications the laser-assisted hatching works the best. A small crack made on the outer shell during the procedure before placing the embryo in the reproductive tract. With that, it helps to successfully achieve embryo implantation, and there won’t be any problem. So, an advanced and improved treatment plan helps to achieve a healthy and successful pregnancy.

What are the reasons to undergo LAH?

To get LAH, the fertility doctor will first check your overall condition. So that it’s easier to understand if your chances of pregnancy can improve with LAH or not. The most common and important reasons to help achieve successful chances of pregnancy are:

  • For those who have experienced two or more than that failed IVF cycle

  • FSH levels keep on increasing

  • Women aged 38 or older

  • Diagnosed with unexplained infertility

  • Embryo quality is poor

Age is an important consideration during pregnancy. So, women who are the age 38 or older need to plan their pregnancy journey carefully. Not just age, but the women with a high level of FSH have problems with egg production that make it difficult to plan for a smooth pregnancy.

A modern approach and better results with pregnancy

The procedure of laser-assisted hatching has gotten a lot of attention with time. The crucial part is that you plan everything under the expertise of the fertility doctor. If you are a good candidate for the procedure, discuss everything with the doctor at Test Tube Baby Centre Likhi Hospital. Make sure to understand everything properly so that your pregnancy journey goes with ease.

Blocked Fallopian Tubes

What Is Blocked Fallopian Tubes, Their Types, Causes, And Treatment?

There are various reasons for women to suffer from infertility. Although, the most common cause that leads to infertility is undoubtedly blocked fallopian tubes. Almost 20% of the women population who are infertile suffer from blocked fallopian tubes. This is the reason why it is very important for you to understand the Blocked Fallopian Tubes Treatment in Ludhiana.

What Is Fallopian Tube?

Fallopian tubes are basically a pair of thin tubes that you have on either side of the uterus. The ovary releases the egg that gets inside the fallopian tube and then makes its way to the uterus for fertilization. In fact, the fertilization of the egg itself takes place in the middle of the way towards the fallopian tube. After that, the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterine wall, which becomes a fetus.

This is why a fallopian tube plays an essential role in order to make sure that the egg in the ovary reaches the uterus. With a blocked fallopian tube, this process is impossible as it prevents it from happening.

With the help of Test Tube baby treatment in Punjab, you can conceive a child even if you have blocked fallopian tubes.

What Are The Type Of Fallopian Tubes Blockages?

There are different types of blocked fallopian tubes based on the location. We have included some for better understanding.

  • Proximal tubal occlusion

It is a blockage that happens in the isthmus area, and it occurs because of an infection that might arise due to complications in a previous miscarriage, pelvic inflammatory diseases (PID), and abortion.

  • Midsegment tubal obstruction

It is a blockage that arises in the middle of the fallopian tube right towards the ampullary area. It is the same area that is very prone to tubal ligation damage.

  • Distal tubal occlusion

It is a blockage that significantly impacts the end of the fallopian tube that clearly opens at the ovary. It usually happens as an aftereffect of certain sexually transmitted diseases or infections (STD or STI), such as Chlamydia trachomatis infection.

  • Hydrosalpinx

It is a blockage that happens because of the fluid getting filled within the fallopian tube. This condition gives the fallopian tube a sausage-like shape. The closure of the tube follows it at the end, which opens into the ovary.

  • Chronic salpingitis

The bacteria infection is the leading cause of this type of blocked fallopian tube. Besides that, it also causes inflammation in the fallopian tube. If you do not opt for precise and proper treatment, this infection might develop into acute salpingitis. In this condition, the inner wall of the fallopian tube sticks together, leading to permanent damage to the tube as it swells up.

What Are The Causes Of Blocked Fallopian Tubes?

These are some of the common causes of blocked fallopian tubes:

  1. Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  2. A side effect of surgeries
  3. Fibroids
  4. Endometriosis
  5. Sexually Transmitted Infections
  6. Genital tuberculosis
  7. Ectopic pregnancy
  8. Ruptured appendix
  9. Tubal ligation removal
ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

How to make the ICSI procedure be successful and go smoothly?

ICSI treatment: Road to a successful pregnancy

The fertilization treatment method is one of the most helpful means for all those couples who cannot conceive independently. For couples having trouble conceiving on their own, they need to visit one of the Best Fertility Hospital in Ludhiana to enlighten themselves about everything. For the pregnancy journey, the treatment getting a lot of attention is ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection).

ICSI treatment is a developed procedure offering better outcomes. The ICSI Treatment in Ludhiana is one of the modern fertilization methods to assist couples in their pregnancy journey. ICSI treatment is for couples with male infertility. Around 60% of the infertile cases need to undergo ICSI to boost the further chances of pregnancy.

ICSI procedure leaves a great impact

ICSI procedure is one of the successful procedures. The treatment includes injection so that further approach becomes effective. The success of the ICSI is greatly influenced by factors like pH, temperature, and osmolality. With all these parameters, it’s much easier to manage everything. The success of the procedure will be greatly influenced by the assistance you get from the fertility doctor. Therefore, you must select a fertility doctor who can guide you through the entire process.

 Skills of the fertility doctor play an important role

ICSI is a standardized procedure, meaning not everyone has the expertise to perform it more easily. Medical experts need to get proper training and ensure their performance is according to the set guidelines. And if that happens, the expected proficiency level will only get higher.

Culture preparation

Culture preparation is an essential step of the ICSI method. The ICSI procedure happens by inserting a single sperm into the centre of the egg through a fine needle. So, it’s important to select a good quality egg having all the necessary qualities to further boost the chances of pregnancy.

The ICSI procedure requires various media that begin through different points. And that’s the reason it’s essential to check the oocytes one by one and rinse them so that there’s not any risk of affecting the overall quality. The optimal cultural system plays an essential part in making the entire process work effectively.

ICSI is an important procedure in ART

Couples who are having difficulty getting pregnant and have the factor of male infertility can go down the road of IVF-ICSI. The treatment helps to make the entire process work effectively. The only concern here is to look for a fertility doctor who is experienced and helps you towards making the right choice.

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