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Test Tube Baby Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab

Test Tube Baby Treatment Cost in Ludhiana, Punjab, The world is evolving with time, and so do we. Thanks to medical advancements, it’s easier for couples who have not enjoyed the parenthood phase naturally. At our Test Tube baby centre Likhi Hospital we give our patients all personalized care to boost the chances of conception. 

The inventive and all personalized approach increases the success rate of the treatment. Dr. Neetu Likhi will diagnose your condition and tell you about the necessary treatment plan accordingly.

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    Test Tube Baby Treatment Boost Pregnancy Chances

    During test Tube baby treatment in Punjab, the doctor will perform the egg retrieval to take out the good quality eggs. Around 8 to 15 are retrieved from the ovaries with a minimally invasive procedure. On the same day, a sperm sample is taken. 

    After that, sperm and egg are kept for fertilization in a controlled environment. Then happens embryo formation, where embryos need checking carefully, and the transfer happens when it has reached the blastocysts stage. Then embryo transfer is performed. The last step is to get pregnancy test results after 14 days of embryo transfer.


    Reasons to get test tube baby treatment

    The main aim of fertility treatment is to increase the pregnancy chances for couples struggling to conceive on their own. Some of the major reasons to undergo infertility treatment are:

    • Infection or tubal blockage due to ectopic pregnancy
    • Already got 6 to 8 cycles of IUI or other infertility treatment, but the results are not successful
    • Women diagnosed with decreased ovarian reserve
    • Age factor because it affects the egg and sperm health
    • Diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Around 10% of couples struggle with this problem.

    Factors to consider to getting Test Tube Baby Treatment

    When you plan for your conception journey, several factors come into play. Some of the important ones are:
    Factor 1: Age
    The treatment offers a higher success rate for the patients struggling to conceive on their own. Bear in mind that after 40, the fertility level takes a deep slope.
    Factor 2: Embryo quality
    If the embryo is not of good quality, the chances of success will decline. The advanced and innovative technology allows checking the genetic and chromosomal issues in embryos.
    Factor 3: Implantation Issue
    Sometimes, there is a problem with implantation issues as the embryo won’t grow. Make sure to discuss these factors with your fertility doctor beforehand.
    Factor 4: Ovarian response
    When the ovaries cannot react properly to the medications, the problem happens when enough eggs won’t produce and further steps gets affected.


    What Do They Say About Us?

    My partner and I have been trying to conceive for the last five years. After searching for the test tube baby centre in Ludhiana, we came across the Test tube baby centre Likhi Hospital. After the initial diagnosis, my partner had severe male infertility, and I had one blocked fallopian tube. Therefore, the doctor suggested we get test tube baby treatment with ICSI to boost the chance of conception. The fertility doctor's expert approach and transparency helped us go through the pregnancy journey with ease.

    Vanita Khosla

    Vanita Khosla

    When my partner and I found out about our infertility, we straightaway began searching for a test tube baby centre in Punjab. After a thorough search, we came across the Test tube baby centre Likhi Hospital. During the initial consultation, the doctor suggested we undergo IVF. The journey was undoubtedly overwhelming, but the doctor's expertise and staff assistance made it all easy. Thanks to the entire team for exceptional care.

    Anjali Chaudhary

    Anjali Chaudhary