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Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle In Punjab

The FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle) includes thawing one or more embryos (frozen in the previous treatment cycle). Later the embryo is transferred to the women’s reproductive tract to achieve pregnancy. At Test Tube Baby Centre Likhi Hospital, we perform Frozen Embryo Transfer through the latest and high-tech approach for successful results.
The FET procedure allows the patient to preserve the embryo for future use and use it when they wish to get pregnant. The Frozen Embryo Transfer doctors in Ludhiana will freeze the embryos between the 1st day to the 6th day following egg retrieval. The embryo freezing process is called cryo freezing.

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    Frozen Embryo Transfer Success Rate

    FET procedure is one of the standard approach at our IVF centre. The success rate of FET depends on different factors like Total count and quality of embryos, age, and infertility reasons.


    Procedure of Frozen Embryo Transfer

    Our Frozen Embryo Transfer doctors will perform the treatment appropriate for you. The procedure can be: Natural or Medicated. The medicated FET cycle in Punjab includes checking your age, uterine health, and reproductive history. Before the procedure, medications are given for uterus preparation and increase chances of implantation. This Procedure of FET takes around 6 to 8 weeks:

    • You need to take medicines for 3 to 4 weeks to suppress the menstrual cycle.
    • After that, you need to get blood tests and an ultrasound to check the uterine health and hormone levels.
    • To prepare uterine lining you are prescribed Hormones
    • Our doctor will perform an ultrasound to confirm uterus is ready to receive the embryo
    • The embryo is thawed and placed in the reproductive tract.

    How much time does frozen embryo transfer take?

    The FET cycle takes around 15 minutes.
    Please Note!
    Some embryos might not survive the cryopreservation process (if more than one embryo is frozen). Therefore, the embryologist analyzes the embryo before the transfer and chooses the good quality ones only.

    How are embryos transferred?

    The embryo transfer includes using a fine tube known as a catheter. The embryos are passed through the cervix to reach the uterus. There’s no need for sedation and you may have mild discomfort.

    What happens after the embryo transfer?

    After the embryo transfer, the doctor will pass the necessary instructions that you have to follow, like taking medications and doing other essential stuff. After 14 days, you need to get a pregnancy test at the hospital. Before that, if you experience bleeding or spotting, please consult the doctor.

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    At Test Tube Baby Centre Likhi Hospital, we have a lab and area to perform FET perfectly. Our embryologists follow international standards with all possible measures to ensure safety and precision at every step. If you want to know more, schedule your initial consultation at the earliest.


    What Do They Say About Us?

    A few years back, I got pregnant through IVF, where we got our embryos frozen. So, we decided to get FET after We scheduled the initial consultation at Dr. Neetu Likhi’s test tube baby centre, The doctor informed us about the entire procedure.

    Riya Maheshwari

    Riya Maheshwari

    Two years ago, I got my IVF cycle, and they told me that I had more than one good-quality embryo. After the doctor’s suggestion, we got our embryos frozen. This year we have decided to get frozen embryo transfer at the test tube baby centre at Likhi Hospital. Highly recommend it.

    Ramandeep Kaur

    Ramandeep Kaur