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IVF Treatment Cost in Ludhiana, Punjab

Are you diagnosed with Infertility? Have you searched for a top-rated IVF hospital with a high success rate and affordable treatment? Your search has led you to the right place.

IVF Treatment Cost in Ludhiana, Punjab, at our IVF centre: Test Tube Baby Centre Likhi Hospital, we give our patients the utmost care for Infertility and IVF treatment to take away the stress of being a childless couple. We have all the necessary facilities to help all infertile couples to conceive a child despite all the odds by including the most updated technologies.

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    IVF Treatment: Why is IVF recommended?

    Our IVF Centre in Ludhiana performs the fertilization process effectively by combining the sperm and egg in a controlled environment. The IVF procedure recommendation is for the following cases: low sperm count, ovulation problem, blocked or damaged fallopian tube, endometriosis, sperm not being able to penetrate cervical mucus, or antibody problem that affects egg & sperm.


    How Is IVF Procedure Performed?

    The test-tube baby procedure, step by step, ensure the successful conception journey. Step-by-step IVF treatment performed by our IVF doctor in Punjab.

    Before Care IVF Treatment

    • Do not smoke
    • Avoid drinking and use of illicit drugs
    • Limit coffee intake
    • Don’t miss out on the doctor’s appointment
    • Take all the medications and supplements prescribed by a doctor in Ludhiana
    • Get enough sleep
    • Exercise regularly

    After Care IVF Treatment

    • Don’t take part in strenuous exercise regime
    • Avoid taking any medications on your own
    • Limit exposure to X-rays or any harmful substance
    • Avoid Alcohol and cigarette

    Steps of IVF Treatment

    • Step 1: Fertility Protocol Initially, the medications and blood tests are part of the IVF cycle. The doctor will advise several things to take care of herself during the treatment. The expert IVF specialist will give the necessary medications to help the ovaries produce quality eggs and regulate the Ovulation cycle.
    • Step 2: Start the Stimulation Cycle At the beginning of the cycle, you need to visit the clinic and get an ultrasound & estrogen test. And then the ovaries are stimulated.
    • Step 3: Medications to trigger ovulation Then the doctor will check the follicle growth and given you hCG.
    • Step 4: Ultrasound scan On the 11th day of the IVF cycle, you need to come to the clinic for an ultrasound. The doctor will check whether the follicles are in a healthy state or not.
    • Step 5: Egg retrieval On the 12th day, the doctor will perform egg retrieval using a minimally invasive approach. You are under the sedative effect, so there’s no discomfort. The doctor can ask the male partner to give a semen sample on the same day.
    • Step 6: Fertilization On the 13th day, the egg quality gets checked, whether it can produce a good quality embryo. The fertilization happens by combining the egg and sperm in a controlled environment. If there’s more than one healthy quality embryo, it’s frozen for future.
    • Step 7: Embryo transfer On the 15th or 17th day, the doctor performs embryo transfer. The embryo transfer happens when it’s in the blastocyst stage. The embryos are transferred to the woman’s uterus through a catheter. After that, have some rest.
    • Step 8: Pregnancy test The IVF cycle takes around 30 days to perform. After two weeks of embryo transfer, the doctor will ask you to get a blood test to check for pregnancy test results.

    Affordable IVF Treatment Cost

    At our Test Tube Baby Centre, Likhi Hospital, we aim to help every childless couple experience the utter joy of having their child. Our expert IVF doctor in Ludhiana offers affordable and high success rate IVF. The given table represents the IVF treatment cost in Ludhiana:

    Cost of IVF Treatment (Average Cost) Rs 50,000 to Rs 2,00,000

    Disclaimer: It Varies From Patient to Patient depending on there Health Condition.

    Are you looking for an IVF specialist in Punjab?

    Test Tube Baby Centre Likhi Hospital gives you the right and possible care to improve your chances of conception.


    What Do They Say About Us?

    “My wife and I have been struggling for the last three years to conceive but have not been able to find the right solution. The IVF specialist suggested the necessary IVF treatment plan depending on the condition. Thanks to the entire team of Likhi Hospital for such exceptional care. ”

    Sachin Sharma

    Sachin Sharma

    “The test tube baby centre Likhi Hospital offers extensive IVF care from the initial consultation to every step of IVF. The doctor suggested a personalized IVF cycle after thoroughly checking my condition. As my fallopian tube was blocked, the doctor accordingly planned my treatment. Highly recommend it.”

    Daman Kaur

    Daman Kaur