Why are injections important for IVF? How many are required?

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Why are injections important for IVF? How many are required?

IVF Treatment Requires Proper Use Of Injections

IVF (In-Vitro-Fertilization) is the treatment to boost the overall chances of pregnancy. During the treatment, the egg and sperm are fertilized outside the body in a controlled surrounding to attain successful conception. To plan the treatment with precision, you need to schedule an initial consultation at IVF Centre in Ludhiana. When you begin the IVF journey, your fertility doctor will tell you properly about the injection’s importance and how many are required.

Importance of injections during IVF

  • Whether you are undergoing IVF alone or with the ICSI Treatment in Ludhiana due to male infertility, injections are common and important. The use of injections has different reasons. Like it plays an essential role in helping boost the count of healthy and enough eggs produced.
  • Additionally, the injections help to trigger ovulation, which helps to perform egg retrieval and embryo transfer for successful results.
  • The doctor can administer an injection to help the uterus lining become thin. In all, it’s done to boost the chances of pregnancy.

Types of injections used for IVF cycle

No doubt, with every cycle, the use of IVF injection varies, and it depends upon your condition. The three most common types of IVF injections are:

  • The first one allows stimulation of ovaries and helps boost egg production. The fertility doctor administers injection on the 2nd or 3rd day of the menstrual cycle. The injection is given once a day.
  • Another injection targets ovulation. The injection is given around 36 hours before the egg retrieval treatment.
  • The 3rd injection helps to target the uterus lining and ensures the risk of implantation problems does not occur. Around 5 to 7 days before embryo transfer, the doctor will ask you to administer the injection.

How to determine the total number of injections required?

Initially, your fertility doctor performs a detailed diagnosis to help determine the total count of IVF injections. Well, the total dosage and frequency vary from patient to patient. So, the type of:

  • Dosage
  • Injection

It’s known by checking the overall state. Basically, here’s the basic understanding about the use of injection:

When it’s administered? What is the dose?
During ovulation stimulation cycle Need for 1 to 2 injections every day
Before egg retrieval Need for 1 injection
Before embryo transfer Need for 1 injection

No doubt, the administration of injection is an essential part of the process. So, make sure to get it done on time and as suggested by the fertility doctor. Additionally, ask the doctor all the necessary questions and concerns to direct your treatment approach towards the right path.

Please Note!

It’s common to have side effects with IVF injections, varying from person to person. Just make sure to talk about the side effects with the doctor and know the right way about its management.