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Laser Assisted Hatching Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab

Have you undergone an IVF cycle? During the initial consultation, your doctor will make you understand the procedure. Most importantly,He/She enlightens you about the process that a fertilized egg might not guarantee pregnancy for several reasons. However, as medical
science evolves, the patients can benefit from the latest treatment approach like Laser Assisted Hatching Treatment in Punjab.
At Test Tube Baby Centre Likhi Hospital, we perform this advanced technology with IVF to boost the success chances of embryo implantation. The procedure aims at making a better treatment plan for every Couple

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    Laser-Assisted Hatching Treatment

    Laser-Assisted Hatching is an advanced technique to improve the chances of success of IVF or ICSI.


    The ideal candidate for Laser Assisted Hatching

    Anyone can use the Laser Assisted Hatching procedure. Your doctor will guide you better on when you can get the treatment. Although, the possible areas where the approach seems appropriate are:

    • Patients above the age of 37
    • Previously failed IVF cycle
    • Women who Tend to produce a harder and thicker zona pellucida
    • Produce a high level of Follicle
    • Stimulating Hormone (FSH) early in their cycle

    The technique of Laser-Assisted Hatching

    The technique of LAH is performed on the 3rd day of IVF when the embryo is in the lab. A specialized laser is used for a procedure to create a breach in zona pellucida. The laser allows better control to create the breach and make it perform effectively. Everything is done safely so that embryo quality won’t be affected.
    For the procedure you need the expertise of someone well-trained and board-certified. No doubt, the process is simple, but that simple breach needs precision and only comes with experience. At Test Tube Baby Centre Likhi Hospital, we have all the specialized tools and advanced settings to carry out the treatment. The assisted hatching takes a few seconds. The utmost safety and precision are the key factors to performing it correctly.

    LAH and IVF treatment: Will it increase the success rate?

    LAH increases the success rate of successful pregnancy outcomes. So, if you have failed the IVF cycle in the past, you can increase your chances through assisted hatching. Before taking the final call, always consult the doctor on what’s best for you.

    Schedule your initial consultation

    If you face difficulty with your IVF cycle, schedule your initial consultation at our centre and plan for a safe and successful pregnancy journey. The doctor will tell you about the right approach depending on your condition.


    What Do They Say About Us?

    When I started my IVF journey at Test Tube Baby Centre Likhi Hospital, my nervousness vanished. Because the doctor and clinical staff give informative and passionate care. And the doctor suggested that I get laser-assisted hatching as a part of my IVF treatment to prevent any complications and increase the chances of implantation. If you are looking for an advanced fertility centre, I highly recommend visiting Likhi Hospital.

    Tulsi Thakur

    Tulsi Thakur

    During our IVF-ICSI procedure, the doctor guided us about the importance of laser-assisted hatching. After understanding the benefits and approach of the treatment, we decided to include it as a part of our treatment plan. At Test Tube Baby Centre Likhi Hospital, the medical expert and entire team know how to perform the treatment and what approach is suitable for the patients. Thanks to the whole staff for such exceptional care.

    Mahika Sharma

    Mahika Sharma