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Reproductive Tract Infection

Reproductive Tract Infection Treatment 

Reproductive Tract Infection occurs due to the organisms present in the reproductive tract or in the body from the outside source through sexual intercourse or some medical treatment. The reproductive tract infection has different categories of RTI that require immediate medical assistance. The RTI includes types like STIs, Endogenous, and Iatrogenic.

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    Sexually Transmitted Diseases Are Common in RTIs

    RTIs are genital tract infections that occur in both men and women. The most common ones are gonorrhea and syphilis. Sometimes medical intervention worsens the condition like endogenous organisms from the vagina and cervix get contracted with STIs. in men, STIs have a higher prevalence rate in men in the form of iatrogenic or endogenous infection. If you suspect you have any condition or problem, seek timely Reproductive Tract Infections Treatment in Ludhiana, Punjab, and get the situation under control.


    What are the common practices for RTI Control?

    Here are some of the common steps that you should take to control the spread of RTI:

    • Limit the chances of getting exposed to infection by educating people. And making them understand to reduce the number of sex partners & don’t practice sexual intercourse. As it’s one of the common reasons behind the infection.
    • Timely detection and cure of the problem by using detection activities, treatment options, diagnostic services, and promoting good health practices in general.
    • Seeking personalized and effective treatment for symptomatic and asymptomatic patients reduces complications and further transmission.

    Get effective RTIs treatment at Likhi Hospital

    At our hospital, the doctor will give you all the necessary information on ‘How to prevent chances of getting RTIs?’ Sometimes the symptoms of STI and RTI can overlap each other in women. And that’s why getting a clinical examination plays a crucial part. Follow all the different and necessary approaches shared by your medical expert to manage the problem by all possible means. Schedule your initial consultation at our Test Tube Baby Centre Likhi Hospital to take the best possible care of your reproductive health.


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    At Likhi Hospital, the medical experts give the best possible care and always make you understand what’s best for your health and not. Last month, I consulted the doctor to seek RTI treatment. After evaluating the situation, the doctor suggested the necessary course of action and some management tips to prevent the problem in the future. Thanks to the experienced medical expert and the entire staff for helping me throughout my treatment journey.

    Shaan Gupta

    Shaan Gupta

    I got diagnosed with RTI, and when I started looking for treatment, I came across Likhi Hospital. After the initial consultation and diagnosis, the doctor gave me personalized care. Getting awareness about your reproductive tract infection makes it easier to take care of your overall well-being. Highly recommend Consulting the medical team at Likhi Hospital.

    Salina Goel

    Salina Goel