Laser-assisted hatching: Overcome the odds that prevent pregnancy

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laser assisted hatching

Laser-assisted hatching: Overcome the odds that prevent pregnancy

Laser Assisted Hatching: Improve chances of pregnancy

Have you undergone IVF Treatment? The procedure undoubtedly plays an essential role in increasing the success rate of pregnancy chances. But does that happen with every case? NO! And that’s the reason Laser Assisted Hatching in Ludhiana is one of the most asked-for approaches for those planning for IVF. Laser-assisted aims to prevent any such condition that impacts the pregnancy chances or might lead to IVF failure.

The doctor suggests getting laser-assisted hatching for couples who have undergone IVF cycles but have failed many times, and the exact reason is unknown. You need to visit one of the top-rated IVF Centre in Punjab to prepare yourself for the entire plan. The fertility doctor will suggest everything considering the fact, ‘How chances of a successful pregnancy will increase and know the right ways to prevent any complications during implantation.

What happens during laser-assisted hatching?

Laser-assisted hatching is an essential part of IVF treatment. Egg and sperm when kept together, leads to fertilization. Afterthat, it leads to embryo development. Once the healthy embryo is formed, the chances of attaining successful and healthy pregnancy are higher.

During embryo development, the protective shell forms a layer called zona pellucida. Sometimes, instead of breaking the protective shell naturally, the outer shell can get hard, which makes it difficult to implant & hatch. And that’s one of the most triggering factors for male infertility.

So, to balance everything with minimal risk and complications the laser-assisted hatching works the best. A small crack made on the outer shell during the procedure before placing the embryo in the reproductive tract. With that, it helps to successfully achieve embryo implantation, and there won’t be any problem. So, an advanced and improved treatment plan helps to achieve a healthy and successful pregnancy.

What are the reasons to undergo LAH?

To get LAH, the fertility doctor will first check your overall condition. So that it’s easier to understand if your chances of pregnancy can improve with LAH or not. The most common and important reasons to help achieve successful chances of pregnancy are:

  • For those who have experienced two or more than that failed IVF cycle

  • FSH levels keep on increasing

  • Women aged 38 or older

  • Diagnosed with unexplained infertility

  • Embryo quality is poor

Age is an important consideration during pregnancy. So, women who are the age 38 or older need to plan their pregnancy journey carefully. Not just age, but the women with a high level of FSH have problems with egg production that make it difficult to plan for a smooth pregnancy.

A modern approach and better results with pregnancy

The procedure of laser-assisted hatching has gotten a lot of attention with time. The crucial part is that you plan everything under the expertise of the fertility doctor. If you are a good candidate for the procedure, discuss everything with the doctor at Test Tube Baby Centre Likhi Hospital. Make sure to understand everything properly so that your pregnancy journey goes with ease.