Gynae Guide: In-depth knowledge about the IUI cycle for infertility

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

Gynae Guide: In-depth knowledge about the IUI cycle for infertility

Journey to parenthood!

Infertility Treatment: Step-by-step information on IUI

That journey of being a parent to your child comes with unparalleled joy. But, this journey does not come with that much ease and comfort for everyone. This is because infertility prevents the couple or an individual from having a child of her own. If you are struggling through the same, then losing hope is not something you should focus upon. The IUI treatment in Punjab is the most significant treatment plan for infertile couples to improve the chances of conception.

Through understanding IUI Treatment

When you plan to start your own family, you need to make the first visit to the best Best Gynaecologist In Ludhiana. Her medical assistance will help you to get a thorough check on your reproductive health. If you are infertile, your treatment might include IUI or other assisted reproductive treatment. Now, let’s help you understand in detail about IUI cycle:

Best suited for mild cases of infertility

When a couple cannot conceive, the infertility doctor checks the infertility of the male and female. Usually, the first reason to get IUI is for the cases like:

  • Mild male infertility
  • Endometriosis treatment

Apart from the journey of parenthood can get on hold due to conditions like poor cervical mucus, cervical scarring, and cervicitis. In all these cases, it’s essential to start the pregnancy journey on time by seeking the expertise of a fertility specialist.

IUI procedure is best performed during ovulation

The infertility doctor is the one who guides you about the procedure in detail. The procedure is best to plan for when the woman’s ovulation is at its peak. Additionally, it’s all about designing everything precisely so that pregnancy chances are higher compared to other situations.

Two important steps of IUI

The two most essential steps of the IUI cycle are:

  • Women need to take medications to increase egg growth and production.
  • Later the healthy or viable sperm will be transferred back into the uterine cavity. The approach of IUI helps the sperm to reach the uterus and meet the egg. If that happens, the fertilization process will happen like normal.

Male partner needs to given a semen sample

For the IUI procedure to be successful, the male partner must give a semen sample at least 1 hour before insemination. Once the semen sample is, it should be delivered to the clinic at the earliest.

On the other hand, women should get hormonal evaluation tests to check their level of:

  • AMH (Anti-Mullein Hormone)
  • FSH (Follicle-Stimulating Hormone)

State-of-the-art technology

If you are planning an IUI cycle, consult the gynecologist at Test Tube Baby Centre Likhi Hospital to make an informed decision. The doctor will ask you to come after 14 days of undergoing the treatment to see whether you have conceived or not. Therefore, proper planning and the right approach make everything worth it. If there’s any doubt then make sure to ask about the same.

Gynaecologist PCOS

PCOS and Weight Loss: How are these related to each other?

PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

PCOS is one of the common reproductive health concerns that makes it difficult for women to get pregnant. With that, it becomes essential to get the PCOS Treatment in Ludhiana soon. Moreover, technological advancement is making the entire state much better and assisting the women with the right care. Indeed!

PCOS symptoms

For every woman, the signs and symptoms vary a lot. Some might experience something that stays for a long time, and sometimes it can go undiagnosed. Here, we have enlisted some of the common signs and symptoms of PCOS:

  • Irregular menstrual cycle or no periods
  • Thin hair or male pattern baldness
  • Excess facial and body hair or acne due to excess androgen
  • Follicles or cysts follicles begin to cover eggs in ovaries because of ovulation problem
  • Unintentional weight gain or weight loss

If you have any of these signs and symptoms starting to get worse with time, then do consult one of the Best Gynaecologist in Punjab. Her medical assistance would leverage you to make an informed decision about your reproductive health.

The link between PCOS and Obesity

PCOS and obesity are linked to one another. Women with PCOS have excess insulin and start to become insulin resistant leading to weight gain. With that, the woman starts to have trouble with her menstrual cycle, which worsens over time. It’s about being careful and taking prompt action to handle the situation easily.

In case you are diagnosed with PCOS and have trouble getting pregnant, then you need to visit one of the best Test Tube baby centre to get yourself a treatment plan that improves your chances of conception.

Weight loss is the way to handle PCOS

PCOS increases the chances of women being highly insulin resistant. The body begins to respond to sugar intake slowly and boost insulin production to metabolize sugar. Therefore there’s an increased risk of weight gain as the body can store fat easily. In all this, you must begin to lose weight over time and see the change it brings to your well-being.

Tips to lose weight with PCOS

PCOS is a common endocrine disorder affecting hormonal balance in the body. These hormones play an important role in terms of weight management, and it has to be effectively balanced. So, for a healthy weight goal, you need to consider the following steps:

  • Don’t let go of your patience

Losing weight is not an easy task, but once you make up your mind, it’s easier that way. Don’t lose hope because this is what will help you with your conception journey.

  • Exercise regularly

It’s important to exercise at least 30 minutes in one day to make your overall health better. You should do cycling, yoga, swimming, jogging, aerobics, cardio, and walking. Being physically active is important, but ensure you don’t put excess pressure on your body.

  • Healthy diet, healthy you

Diet is essential, so make sure to follow the best dietary habits. Eat loads of fruits, vegetables, and protein along with a low-carb diet. You need to move to the healthy fruits option in case of sweet cravings. Take the necessary medications suggested by the gynecologist at Test Tube Baby Centre Likhi Hospital.

IVF treatment

IVF treatment: What are the reasons for IVF?

IVF Treatment:

IVF (Test Tube Baby Treatment) is one of the advanced and modern treatment approaches available for all who want to plan for their journey of conception. The test tube baby treatment got the breakthrough of IVF back in 1986, and since then, there has been no going back. The folk tale of IV F (In-Vitro-fertilization) has existed for many years and continues to get better with time. And that’s why the childless or infertile couple have that ‘HOPE’ when they visit one of the best Test Tube baby centre.

IVF Saga – Let’s improve the chances of conception

When the individuals visit one of the best IVF centre their major concern is, ‘How is the test tube baby made?’  During the IVF cycle, the egg is developed in a petri-dish.

The cycle starts by extracting the egg from a petri dish. The egg and sperm are kept in a controlled environment that leads to embryo formation. Embryo is transferred back to the uterus on the 5th or 4th day. Most importantly, everything happens under extreme care and high standards to improve the chances of conception.

What if there is more than one good embryo?

Most importantly, the embryologist selects the embryo in utmost good health. And in case there is more than one, then the doctor will ask you to get from frozen for a future cycle. So, if you plan to get pregnant, you can do that with the frozen embryo stored at the IVF centre. No doubt every couple has their journey while preparing for pregnancy. So, no 2 IVF couples should compare their situation with one another.

What are the reasons for undergoing IVF cycle?

Here are some of the significant reasons that point towards undergoing IVF cycle:

  • Unexplained infertility
  • Male factor infertility
  • Blocked fallopian tubes
  • Older patients desiring a child
  • Low ovarian reserve
  • Low ovarian reserve
  • Endometriosis
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Premature Ovarian Failure

FAQs on IVF Treatment

Is there any difference between IVF and Test Tube Baby?

NO! Both are the same. Test tube baby was a conventional name used for the procedure. So, there’s no such difference between the 2, no matter which one you hear.

Are test tube babies different?

NO! Both are the same whether the child is born typically or through IVF. It means there’s no genetic difference between the 2. Make sure that throughout your IVF journey, follow all the necessary suggestions the doctor gives to make the situation manageable.

Please Note!

If you are trying for a few months or a few years, then you need the assistance of the Best Gynaecologist in Ludhiana. The gynae checks your reproductive health and tells you the necessary steps that you need to take or which sort of approach would work best for you.

Gynaecologist ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) Uncategorized

IVF And ICSI: Mainstream Test Tube Baby Treatment For Infertile Couple

It is not easy to understand the world of infertility treatment. There are just too many things and abbreviations that people have to keep in check.

In this blog, we will discuss the difference between IVF and ICSI and when the Best Gynaecologist In Ludhiana will recommend ICSI treatment compared to conventional IVF.

What is IVF?

In Vitro Fertilisation is a Test Tube baby treatment in Punjab wherein the doctor surgically retrieves the eggs from the woman’s ovaries. Then they place the egg with the prepared sperm in a Petri Dish laboratory. After this procedure, the sperm will automatically attach and penetrate the egg resulting in fertilization. For at least 3 to five days, the embryo will develop in an incubator. The embryologists will monitor the embryo to choose the healthy one for transferring it back into the womb.

What Is ICSI?

In IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection ICSI, the embryologist selects a single sperm. With the help of a fine glass needle, the doctor injects the sperm directly into each egg. After that, the doctor would proceed to transfer the embryo after successful fertilization into the womb for natural childbirth, just like in the IVF cycle.

The Similarities Between IVF And ICSI

Now let us move toward the similarities between IVF and ICSI.

The similarities between these medical procedures are the doctor collects the eggs and the sperm from the donor.

In both situations, the embryologist, on the day of egg collection, inseminated the eggs. And the next day, follow it with a selection of fertilized eggs. In both IVF and ICSI, they keep them in the incubator for monitoring for at least up to five days. They later choose the best embryo out of all to transfer into your womb to implant.

What Are The Differences Between ICSI And IVF?

There is a big difference between both the procedures, which is why doctors choose the treatment based on the infertility causes.

The doctor injects single sperm into each egg for fertilization in ICSI. This bypass the stage wherein the sperm penetrates the egg by itself in the laboratory in the IVF technique.

When Does The Doctor Suggest ICSI?

The doctor recommends ICSI if the sperm cannot fertilize the egg naturally.

It happens when:

  1. The sperm count is very low.

  2. Sperm has a high rate of abnormality.

  3. Sperm can not move properly.

  4. The doctor retrieves the sperm from the epididymis (PESA)or the testicles (TESA) from electroejaculation or urine.

  5. If there are high levels of antibodies in the semen.

  6. You have frozen the sperm in the hospital bank.

  7. Previous IVF treatment was a total failure.

When Does ICSI Offer?

The ICSI Treatment in Punjab helps men with low sperm count or no sperm in their semen. But they have had successful retrieval of sperm surgically. It is also perfect for males with a high number of abnormal sperm that find it difficult to fertilize an egg naturally. Abnormal sperm also increases the chance of having abnormal genetics in the child.

People who have frozen their sperm for later purposes use the ICSI technique to birth a child. It also offers a second chance to couples with unsuccessful IVF procedures.

Test Tube Baby

Conceive a healthy child from test tube baby treatment successfully

Nowadays, because of the increasing rates of infertility, The Reproductive method of conceiving a baby naturally has become more challenging. What is the biggest reason for couples to be infertile is health issues which is why they’re unable to conceive naturally. This is the reason why couples are more tensed and worried about achieving parenthood than before.

Most couples want a baby In order to have a complete family. And to achieve a happy family and welcome a little gas into your home, there are many infertile couples that choose Test Tube baby treatment in Punjab. 

Test tube baby treatment

It is not an easy task for couples who want to undergo infertility treatment and want a baby. Not being able to conceive due to infertility can be daunting physically and mentally. But with the medical science progression, patients can achieve parenthood successfully. One of the biggest reasons for infertility nowadays is a busy lifestyle and unhealthy atmosphere. 

Infertility: a serious problem in men and women

Infertility is a severe health condition that both males and females suffer from. It prevents conceiving a baby. The primary solution begins with taking care of your health and going for daily health checkups with the Best Gynaecologist in Punjab. This way, you will be able to notice the reason behind your reproductive health disorder and what stops you from conceiving a baby.

For women, reproductive health issues or one of the serious threats that can affect their pregnancy. And for men, sperm motility or low sperm count are the main reasons for infertility or inability to get pregnant. Doing regular exercises such as yoga, aerobics, and meditation can help you activate physical nerves to work well and produce energy. 

Consumption of a healthy diet for infertility treatment

Apart from exercise, you should also consume a nutritious diet that is recommended from best dietitian in Ludhiana and contains minerals, vitamins, Carbohydrates, zinc, iron, protein, and calcium. It is essential for those who want to get pregnant successfully. Try to avoid junk food as much as possible so that there would be no health casualties directly affecting a person’s life and reproductive organs.

It is very important to maintain a healthy life routine in order to become a future father or mother. It should be your main priority. There are other things that you should consider if you are thinking of becoming pregnant. Avoid smoking and taking alcohol for better results. We all know that smoking has a severe effect on your body that can destroy your nervous system, lungs, and brain function and cause any type of cancer.

Whereas consuming too much alcohol can damage your liver and create indigestion. This can further lead to severe illness and detriment to your health, leading to patchy functional body operation. Remember, the more you love your body internally and externally, the better your body will function and support it when you are in dire need.

Do not worry; if it is too late, you can always opt for IVF treatment at the Best IVF Centre in Punjab.