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Family Planning Methods

For a couple or individual, it’s their wish to choose, ‘How many childrens do they want and when do they want it?’ Family planning allows the person to protect themselves and take care of their well-being through the different methods of family planning.

At Test Tube Baby Centre Likhi Hospital: Our centre gives the patients the utmost possible care and understanding of the most effective birth control and family planning methods.

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    Working on birth control methods

    The availability of different methods for Birth control and family planning Punjab can create confusion in the minds of the individuals regarding which one to choose. Understanding the basics of ‘How do birth control methods work?’


    Birth Control and Family Planning: How to select the method?

    • How does the method prevent pregnancy? Understand the working.
    • Are you okay with having an unplanned pregnancy?
    • How much is the cost of family planning methods?
    • Are there any risks or side effects?
    • Do you want to just use for while having sex? Or Do you want to get it placed inside?
    • Will the method prevent chances of getting STIs?

    What are the different types of Birth control?

    There are different types of birth control available out there. You need to consult the doctor for some of them, and some are available at the drugstore.

    Birth control options available at a drugstore

    • Male condoms
    • Female condoms
    • Sponges
    • Spermicides
    • Emergency contraception (EC) pills (Not as effective as regular birth control methods)

    Birth Control methods for which you need a prescription or medical assistance

    • Oral contraceptives
    • Shot/injection
    • Cervical cap
    • Patch
    • Vaginal ring
    • IUD (inserted by a doctor in the office or clinic)
    • Implantable rod (inserted by a doctor in the Hospital)
    • Diaphragms (The doctor fits one as per the shape of your vagina)

    Some of the procedures for which medical surgery is required:

    • Female sterilization (tubal ligation)
    • Tubal implant (Essure)
    • Male sterilization (vasectomy)

    Like Hospital can help you plan your family

    At Test Tube Baby Centre Likhi Hospital, we aim to enlighten the families and individuals about the proper practices to follow for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Our OB-GYN will provide you with necessary counseling and advice on what steps you should take. Both the doctor and patient will choose the effective birth control method to ensure the well-being of both mother and child in the future.


    What Do They Say About Us?

    After marriage, our focus was on settling down in our career. So, we decided to opt for the family planning options. After consulting the OB-GYN at Test Tube Baby Centre Likhi Hospital, the doctor suggested us the necessary birth control options. The doctor made sure to give us a proper understanding of what to expect after that. If you are looking for family planning methods, consult Dr. Neetu Likhi.

    Kanika Mahajan

    Kanika Mahajan

    As I started my search for birth control methods, I came across Dr. Neetu Likhi, one of the known Ob-Gyn in Ludhiana. From the initial consultation, the doctor enlightened us about the entire process. Indeed! Consulting a medical expert changes your perspective for better well-being. Highly recommend it.

    Charu Saxena

    Charu Saxena