What Is Spindle View ICSI and How Can It Help In Fertilization?

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ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

What Is Spindle View ICSI and How Can It Help In Fertilization?

Many patients suffer from infertility, making it hard for them to conceive a healthy child naturally.

But thanks to the new advancement and technology, getting pregnant even with infertility has become more accessible. People are turning to Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) to get pregnant. Some of the most common ART include IVF and ICSI.

However, there are still some cases wherein the ICSI Treatment in Ludhiana does not guarantee pregnancies.

So what should a person do in such moments?

Spindle View ICSI

People can opt for spindle view ICSI in order to achieve better fertilization when they are facing difficulty in getting pregnant or showing poor fertilization with IVF and ICSI. With the help of Spindle View ICSI, the doctor at the IVF Centre in Ludhiana will also get a more detailed analysis of egg quality.

In eggs, meiotic spindle forms for the final maturation of eggs. When conducting conventional ICSI, the doctor, when injecting the sperm, shall not damage the spindle view ICSI to accomplish good fertilization.

Besides that, the spindle view ICSI also uses specialized polarized microscopes or even pol scope to visualize the meiotic spindles.

Spindle View ICSI To Achieve Better Fertilization

Visualizing meiotic spindles can also allow you to align oocytes for ICSI. When it comes to the conventional ICSI, the doctor uses the polar body as a surrogate marker for spindle location.

We also come across some patients with a displacement from the polar body. This could further cause a lot of damage to the spindle during ICSI. But suppose we manage to use polariscope and also align with the spindles. In that case, you will be able to minimize the damage. According to many studies that the experts have completed over the years, they have encountered that the fertilization rate in the spindle-aligned group is much higher than in the control group.

To Get The Oocyte Egg Quality

For people who have been suffering from repeated poor-quality embryos, there are many factors that could lead to that. Some of the elements are related to eggs and/ or sperm. The doctor conducts many tests apart from the conventional semen examination, such as Sperm DNA fragmentation, to determine the sperm factors.

But you should know that to evaluate the oocyte quality, the absence or the presence of a meiotic spindle is a useful marker. The doctor has suggested both the length of the spindle and the area of the spindle as a marker of the quality of eggs.

If the couple is thinking about the gamete donations, this information might help those patients or couples. They will know whether or not they should opt for a sperm donation or an oocyte donation.

When Can Spindle View ICSI Help?

These are some situations for patients who can get good help from the spindle view ICSI.

  1. It helps those patients who are showing poor fertilization with ICSI or IVF.

  2. It helps those patients who develop poor-quality embryos with IVF procedures.

  3. It helps those patients who have a very less number of eggs and a very low amount of AMH in order to accomplish fertilization rate.

Final Comments

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