PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome) Treatment For Infertile Women

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PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome) Treatment For Infertile Women

There are many reasons for infertility. And it can happen to both males and females. In this blog, we are going to talk about infertility in women because of PCOS.

But before that let us start from the basics and get to learn about PCOS from the Best Gynaecologist In Ludhiana. 

What Is PCOS?

Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome is a hormonal condition that affects most women who are of their reproductive or childbearing age. The number one complication that PCOS creates is the inability to conceive a child as it has an impact on the fertility of the woman’s body. A part to fertility there are also some aspects that PCOS affects including:

  • It prevents your period or makes it difficult for you to predict.
  • It causes a lot of acne and unwanted facial and body hair.
  • It raises the risk of other health conditions which include diabetes, and high blood pressure.

But do not worry you can get proper PCOS Treatment in Ludhiana for the symptoms. And yes, you can get pregnant even after the doctor diagnosed you with PCOS. However, they would ask you to intake some fertility medicines to improve them.

In case the possibility to get pregnant is less, you can always opt for automated reproductive techniques in an IVF centre.

What Are The Symptoms Of PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome)?

Let us now move towards the symptoms of PCOS as they are quite prevailing. They affect women’s day-to-day activities.

The most common signs that indicate PCOS are having irregular, missed, and infrequent or prolonged periods. Apart from that, there is also a situation wherein the doctor notices excessive androgen or male hormones in women which leads to hair loss, and hair in wanted places such as facial and even acne.

Some of the other symptoms of PCOS include:

  • Having excessive skin (skin tags) or darkened skin on the neck or in the armpits.
  • Having severe mood swings
  • Having pain in the pelvic region
  • Noticing weight gain around your middle. 

Fertility Issues And PCOS

Fertility and PCOS is one of the most worrisome issues women with PCOS share. As PCOS’s number one symptoms are irregular periods it affects the ovulation impacting fertility. With proper treatment, most women can get pregnant despite having PCOS.

With the help of the short course of tablets that the doctor recommends most of the most are able to conceive a healthy child.

In case, those tablets do not help the women out, then the doctor recommends them to undergo IVF treatment. One of the most reliable and trustworthy options available.

In this treatment, the doctor retrieves the eggs from the women’s ovaries after stimulating them with fertilization medicines. They later mix the sperm and the eggs together in the lab and after the fertilization, they implant it back in the womb for natural childbirth.

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