What are the advantages of undergoing blastocyst transfer?

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Blastocyst Transfer

What are the advantages of undergoing blastocyst transfer?

Blastocyst Transfer

Blastocyst transfer has gained a lot of attention among couples. The procedure allows the couple to have a healthy baby with fewer congenital disabilities and abnormalities. The process of the blastocyst has been a practical option suggested by the fertility doctor at the IVF Centre in Ludhiana. Especially those who are undergoing IVF treatment highly benefit from the blastocyst transfer.

Benefits of Blastocyst transfer

The blastocyst transfer has gained a lot of attention in the present time among couples. The procedure involves checking the embryo culture to closely identify the embryos and ensure these are of the highest development efficiency. Additionally, the embryonic age maintains better results. Know more about the embryologic needs and ensuring if there’s any problem. Some of the significant benefits of blastocyst transfer are:

Benefit 1: Almost the same as the physiological transformation

With blastocyst transfer, the physiological results are similar to that of human embryos. The right kind of transformation happens on the 4th day when embryo grows and separated through the fertilized oocyte for staging. Moreover, there’s proper embryo improvement because of the implantation methods.

Benefit 2: Significantly improves transfer rate

With blastocyst transfer, the implantation rate improves greatly as it’s developed in a closed environment with proper standards. The embryologist has better control over choosing the ideal embryo and then transferring it back to the women’s reproductive tract. One of the researches has shown that the clinical pregnancy rate increases by 43.4% with blastocyst transfer.

Benefit 3: Reduce chances of multiple pregnancies

With blastocyst transfer, there is proper control over everything, which reduces the chances of multiple pregnancies. Moreover, the success rate gets higher. Together with your fertility doctor, you can decide how many embryos you want during transfer. So, taking every correct measure won’t increase risk of multiple pregnancies.

Benefit 4: Helps to perform PGD

With blastocyst transfer, there are higher chances of performing PGD. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis helps to use more cells in testing and production. Moreover, It’s much easier to take out embryos that are not healthy or have chances of going through genetic defects. Therefore, performing it during the IVF procedure significantly makes everything better.

The ideal candidate for Blastocyst transfer

There are a few given situations where blastocyst transfer is recommended:

  • Planning for pregnancy without the risk of multiple pregnancies
  • Couples who have not been able to get fertilization phase. There are a few cases embryos do not implant because of egg problems.
  • Do not use any other frozen embryo because of age, health issues, or other problems.
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